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Fly Me To The Moon (2022)
Photography by John Garfield Roberts


Professional Credits Include:

2023: Have A Break, Have A KitKat (53two, Stage)

2022: Christmas With Paddington (Bakehouse Factory, Immersive)

Fly Me To The Moon (The B Tales, Touring)

The Train (Oldham Coliseum, Stage)

The Regulars (Santana Productions, Film)

Have A Break, Have A KitKat (Bronte Appleby, R&D)

2021: Aladdin (Outside The Box Productions, Pantomime)

Last One Standing (Grange Theatre, Oldham, Stage)

2020: For The Time. Being. (Aua Wierleben Theatre Festival, Immersive)

2019: Body of Knowledge (Sick! Festival, Immersive)

Cock of the Walk (Waterside Arts, Stage)

2017: The Suppliant Women (Royal Exchange Theatre, Stage)

"(Cock of the Walk) was a smart and funny stand-up gig. Appleby’s enthusiastic, talkative, and geeky performance style was what made this humorous. Her material was up-to-date (..) Appleby is very much in control of the audience’s attention.

Sam Lowe, reviewing Cock of the Walk (scratch performance)


Have A Break, Have A KitKat' (2022)
Photo courtesy of Ingrid Turner Photography

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