"(Cock of the Walk) was a smart and funny stand-up gig. Appleby’s enthusiastic, talkative, and geeky performance style was what made this humorous. Her material was up-to-date (..) Appleby is very much in control of the audience’s attention.

Sam Lowe, reviewing Cock of the Walk (scratch performance)


Fly Me To The Moon (2022)
Photography by John Garfield Roberts



Professional Credits Include:

2022: Paddington (Bakehouse Factory, Immersive)

Fly Me To The Moon (The B Tales, Touring)

The Train (Oldham Coliseum, Stage)

The Regulars (Santana Productions, Film)

Have A Break, Have A KitKat (Bronte Appleby, R&D)

2021: Aladdin (Outside The Box Productions, Pantomime)

Last One Standing (Grange Theatre, Oldham, Stage)

2020: For The Time. Being. (Aua Wierleben Theatre Festival, Immersive)

2019: Body of Knowledge (Sick! Festival, Immersive)

Cock of the Walk (Waterside Arts, Stage)

2017: The Suppliant Women (Royal Exchange Theatre, Stage)


Have A Break, Have A KitKat' (2022)
Photo courtesy of Ingrid Turner Photography