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2023: Have A Break, Have A KitKat (SwitchMCR, Play)

Directed by Kitty Ball

2023: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Runs (Short Film, MAP48.8 Film Competition)

Directed by Kevin Broomes

2022: Have A Break, Have A KitKat (ACE Supported R&D)

Directed by Luke McDonnell

2021: Last One Standing (Grange Theatre, Dare To Know Invites, Sketch)

Directed by Madeleine Healey & Bronte Appleby

2020-2021: Amidst The Chaos (BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Tees, Poem)

2020: 12 Scenes of Christmas (Liberty Rep, Digital Play)

Directed by Kitty Ball

2020: Black Path Chronicles (Up 'Ere Productions, Talking Heads 2, Digital Monologue)

Directed by Stacey Harcourt

2020: Fine In A Year (SLAMinutes, VAULT Festival, Monologue/Song)

2019: Have A Break, Have A KitKat (Royal Northern College of Music, Liberty Rep, Scratched Play)

Directed by Cara Novotny

2019: Mary and Zach Save The Madwoman In Attic (Liverpool Everyman, Scratched Play)

Directed by Bronte Appleby

2019: Cock of the Walk (Waterside Arts, Breaking Ground, Scratched Play)

Directed by Natasha Ravenscroft

Other work has been performed with: University of Bolton, Qweerdog, ROAR WITH US

SPOTLIGHT ON: Have A Break, Have A KitKat

Appleby’s real strength is that she seeks out comedy from the saddest of situations. And that keeps the audience interested because the play is never maudlin or self indulgent. There are glimmers of hope that come from the characters’ ability to keep hold of those small moments that get them through. That includes a KitKat battle, with the bars becoming tiny lightsabers and it is as ridiculously funny as it sounds. - I Love MCR

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